• What are Keywords for? A keyword searches all the fields the Bookseller supplies in his listing, i.e., title, author, description, condition, etc. If you are looking for books on concrete boat building, but don’t know the title, try typing ‘boat building’ in keywords. Of course, not all booksellers enter keywords. This may bring up some pertinent matches. A keyword may be used as a modifier as well. Say you are looking for the Harper edition of Concrete Boatbuilding but not the Crown edition, then try entering ‘Harper’ as a keyword and ‘Concrete Boatbuilding’ as the title.
    • Can a search be done by the ISBN number? In keywords for instance? No, not at this time. This will be a feature we may add in the future if enough Booksellers and customers would find this to be a feature worth adding. Most old and rare Bookdealers do not use ISBN numbers, but many second-hand Booksellers do.
    • What if a search brings up No Results? First, check your search entry. Have you spelled everything correctly? If so, you might consider reducing the amount of information or number of fields you typed in. Remember, Less is More. For instance: ‘boat building’ should bring up more matches than ‘concrete boat building’.

      We are a dynamic database with a constantly growing community of Booksellers. More titles are being uploaded to all the time. If you do not find the book you want today, check back soon and often. In the future, we will offer you an ability to put your “wants” in our service, which will automatically match your want to every new listing and notify you when there is a match. Watch for this feature.

    • Wonder what those esoteric abbreviations in a book description mean? Visit our Book Terms and Abbreviations.
    • For more information visit our Search Tips.
    • Unsure how to order? Place a search, locate the book you want from the results list and click the Bookseller’s name. Up will come the detailed information for that particular book along with the Bookseller’s contact information and terms of sale. Fill out the order form provided on that page and click submit, it will automatically be transmitted to the Bookseller who will contact you. It is a good idea to print a copy of the Bookseller’s contact information and terms of sale. If you have any questions about the order, contact the Bookseller directly.
    • Having a problem with an Order? Try contacting the Bookseller directly. You will find the contact information on the order information you printed out at the time you placed your order, or in your email records if the Bookseller has corresponded with you. If you have misplaced the Bookseller’s contact information, we will supply you with the Bookseller’s email address if you request through this link (and only this link).

      All problems that may arise from the order you have placed including returns, shipping et al, needs to be handled between you, the customer and the Bookseller. is only the listing service and is not responsible for mediating or resolving such issues. For more information, see theCustomer Legal Page.

  • Problems with our search engine? We always want to know if you are having any problem accessing our database. Please email us.


    • New to On-line Bookselling?First, you will need to have your inventory in some sort of database function on your computer, either a specific book inventory management program like Bookhound, Bookminder, Booktrakker, Homebase, Bookmate, etc., or a program like Excel or equivalent. From that point, it is quite easy to sign up as a member of’s on-line community of booksellers and upload your inventory file. Details on uploading are laid out in our Upload Tutorial, which you can visit once you sign up.
    • Have a question for before you sign up? Please email us, and we will answer you.
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